Good News?

It is day two of the 2012 Great Mouse Hunting season and I seem to have a limit of one per day so far.  This morning there is number 2 in the traps out in the garage.  Last year I think I trapped 42 or 43 and will keep up the battle in the garage.  Build in the woods, and critters want to share your house with you.

Kansas University  Men's Basketball team had a couple of rough games real early and last night it was clear that they have at least two teams deep and perhaps three.  There is a Manning and a Self and a third coach's kid on the bench that finally got in the game with about three minutes left in the game.  Most of the starters didn't play much in the second half and I'm sure that Coach Self was resting them for the game tonight against Saint Louis University.  Barb and I love to see the young men play with a smile on their faces and shooting about 75% in the first half put one there.  

This morning the paper had speculation that the Big XII could end with a four way tie.  I mentioned it to Barb and she just smiled and pointed out that we don't really have a dog in that hunt so why spend any time worrying about it.  

I bought a trail camera about a month ago and have been having a lot of fun seeing what animal comes int to eat the left over apples, corn and table scraps.  We have seen lots of deer over the years down below the hill and a few coyotes.  It seems there are three raccoons, a possum and a fox here at Rabbit Run.  We have about 12 or 13 acres of woods and it is hooked to another 25 or so of trees with a great water source down at the end of the woods.  So far I haven't found any mountain lions or top predators.   A few years ago we had a Bob Cat but he was killed out on the road and I buried him here in the pet cemetery.  The majority of the buried dead here are dogs.  I never did find anything of our outside cat, Tiger.   He was not doing well and I think the coyote probably caught him out in the open.

Today is probably going to be spent cleaning for the big Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  My job will be floors and bathrooms mostly but I will probably also drag out the vacuum and give it a spin.

Better run.  I see from the number count at the bottom of the page that I am nearing 73,000 visitors to my blog.  I want to thank you all for spending a few minutes visiting.  Some day, I hope to understand why so many people from Alaska stop in.  In a couple of years, I hope to drive the ALCAN Highway and see the spectacular views up there.


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