I am not sure why, but again I overcooked for Thanksgiving dinner.  We sent leftovers home with everyone and still have a bunch in the refrigerator.  I feel asleep early last night and have been up since 4 AM.  Oh well, Thanksgiving happens only once a year. 

A little while ago Barb asked me if I wanted to go shopping.  She was kidding.  I don't think we'll either one do much shopping today.  It is hard to think of anything we need.  In fact we both decided if we can't read it, eat it or wear it we don't need it.  

I read this morning that the United States of Mexico is considering changing their name to just Mexico.  I don't think many people would not call it Mexico.  Some day I want to go to Mexico City in the winter time and go up in the mountains and see the Monarchs as they overwinter there.   I hope there are more there than we saw passing through here this fall.   The dry weather wasn't good for them I am afraid.

I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving and it sets up a great holiday season for you all.


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