The Role of the USA?

As I listen to the news, the Israelis and Hamas battle in Gaza is the front page of the news.  It is pretty clear that Hamas is not giving near as much as they are getting.  I hear the hawks say we need to jump in there and bring the slaughter to a halt.  Is that really what a country in the poor house should do?  What is the role of the UN and the rest of the world?
Hawk on Fence Post
OK, I think the term "Poor House" might be a bit extreme.  

I think the E-Bay sellers of Twinkies are nuts.  If I wouldn't give $5.00 for a package of 10, what the heck makes them think I would spend more?  I might miss an occasional Ding Dong now and then but never Twinkies.  

I think I need to start the cleaning for guests at our Thanksgiving dinner.   Mostly it will be spiffing up the kitchen but who's kitchen couldn't use some work?   

Oh well, sitting here isn't getting it done.


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