Sunday - Dressed Up and No Where to Go!

During the lull between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I always have kind of an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Perhaps it is the new space I created by stuffing it with food on Thursday.  We still have a couple of pieces of pie and I have yet to make something good out of the Turkey and dressing.  I have made Potato pancakes a couple of mornings in a row but probably won't today.  

I am having a blast with the Trail Cam.  I put out about a gallon of cracked corn and have a mineral block out.  It seems to attract all kinds of critters.

Turkeys eating small pieces of cracked corn
Buck and Doe at the feeding site
This is the difficult time of the year for me as a sports fan.  I am trying to keep my love of football alive, knowing that Basketball has started.  Might have something to do with the fact that KU Football is 1-8 and Basketball is 5-1.

Oh well,


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  1. Nice pictures. The turkeys are all Toms, young males. I can see the "beards on the chest of them. Bearde of the older ones get 8" or 10" long. The older ones keep the younger ones away from the hens.
    The deer is a nice 8 point buck. It would make someone a nice trophy. However, next year it will probably be a 10 pointer if it survives.
    Aren't those trail cameras interesting? They let you know what else shares your land. Ray I.