Not Today

Barbara is my travel agent and mostly is responsible for picking out locations for our travel.  Other than her aversion to places with tall mountains, I really don't have anything to complain about.  I think we have another trip to Oklahoma to make and the hills there don't seem to keep her away.  We will make another trip to Seminole County Courthouse and spend a couple of hours looking through the records.  Not Today.

Yesterday I was looking for some lost CD's and I found a Book on CD by Lee Child.  He writes the jack Reacher novels and this one is called "Running Blind."   I am sure that it is one I bought for a road trip many years back.  As I listen to the first disk, I don't think I have heard it.  Probably will listen to it on our trip.  

For the record I haven't located the sleeve full of CD's I had in the car.  Probably someone found it and took it home as I didn't always lock the car up.  There weren't any new CD's in it so there is probably no big loss.  I have a very eclectic taste in music so there was no theme.  The only loss in the pile is the "Tommy" CD's and perhaps several by the Beatles.  The rest was just a bunch of things I threw together over the years.

Yesterday the Denver Bronco's visited Kansas City and while the defense for KC was pretty good, their offense could only manage three field goals to two touchdowns and a field goal.  Loss number 9 for a team that played well last year and just haven't pulled it all together.  

I really am not a big fan of professional football.   My passion is most college level sports.  I have been watching the K-State Football this year and KU Men's basketball.  On occasion, I have also been one to watch NCAA women's volleyball.  I played volleyball earlier in my life and don't hate to watch the women play.  I wouldn't ever watch pro wrestling but I love to watch college wrestling.  

My trail cam has been catching a lot of pictures of three male turkeys.  There is a flock of 20 or 30 hens in one flock and these three males that are hanging together.  

Three males together at the feed plot
Oh well, better move on with the day.


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