This morning I was reminded by the local paper that it is approaching Nutcracker Time at our Local Topeka Performing Arts Center (TPAC).    One of the reasons I gave up being a Volunteer at TPAC it was tough to find enough people to help at the Ginger Bread House a followed by a bunch of performances of the Nut cracker.  You can see the Nut Cracker about once a decade without falling asleep.  With one notable exception.

During the day, the Dress Rehearsal is performed before a full house of school children.  They are noisy, restless and there are not enough boxes of tissues to wipe all the runny noses.   It was a giant mess and took so much time.  As much as I love kids, it wore me out to spend that much time around them.  

On one of these rehearsals, there was a fairly good preforming group on stage and when the ballerina was dancing with the young man in tights, he lifted the young female dancer over his head.  I don't remember the exact move but on one of those moves, the female dancer found herself topless.  She turned around and placed her equipment back where it should have been and the dance resumed.  It all happened so fast that many of the kids didn't seem to notice.  I'll bet she replaced that outfit with one with  shoulder straps after that.  I guess she didn't expect it to be an undress rehearsal.

last night, I turned on the TV and was looking at what to watch about 7 PM and there was the Jay Hawks playing UC Chattanooga.  The start of the game was almost a repeat of the Michigan State game.  They looked shell shocked and hesitant.  The Coach put in about every different line up to see if he could find a team that would play.  The only highlight was Ben Mclemore who play above the rim was a sight to behold. The coach called time out after time out and you could see on TV that steam was coming out of his ears. 

The hawks went in 12 points down at halftime and I would love to have been a fly on that wall.  The Hawks looked like a different team and looked like they were having fun for the second half.  They turned the game around and it looked like a great team.  Whew, for a while I had visions of the LA Lakers in Lawrence.

I think we are nearing a final decision on our 45th Anniversary trip.  I think Puerto Rico is in our near future.  I hope it turns out to be as nice as the Online Travel Agents claim. We'll see.

Oh well, on with the day - Bigger and better things await.


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