Laughing at Breakfast

A lot of mornings, I eat a piece of toast and drink a cup of coffee while reading the paper.  This morning I got kind of a late start working on the Trail Cam pictures. By the time I got upstairs, Barb was up and in good humor.  I fixed Ham, egg and cheese omelets and in return got some funny comments out of the wife. 

Barb - Did you get any new pictures on the Trail cam last night?
MUD - Nah, just those stupid raccoons.
Barb - They aren't stupid, they are just coming over to eat the buffet you put out for them.

Barb - I see that in Korea they have an elephant that can speak.  Maybe we need to teach ours to talk and then ask them if they want to stay in Topeka or not.

There is a controversy in Topeka (USD 450) about dress codes for teachers.  
Barb - Why doesn't the Principle just talk to the teachers about what they wear?
MUD - If they have a union and you allow a practice to happen it becomes a "Past Practice" and to change the rule can be illegal unless it is negotiated.
Barb - If they want them to dress up, they should pay them more.

Some days you get to meet and greet the Grinch and some days you get the funniest person in the family.  


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  1. Damm Coons, they eat everything. The only way to get rid of them is to trap them and either relocate them or seend them to coon heaven. I have one eating my left over cat food on the front poarch. Last year they raided my suit and sunflower feeders. I removed 6 from the food chain but they sent in replacements. 1 female can have up to a litter of 8 young.