I Know Who I Am, Who Are You?

If I had to choose where I stand in Public, I would choose to stand by the party of Lincoln who freed the slaves rather than the party that is leading us down the path of entitlement enslavement.  I am probably an enigma to the pundits but I think that we must be more conservative with our $ and more liberal with our standards.  The political parties are both not standing strong and united in defense of our country.  A failure to stop the runaway entitlements will lead us to a place where failure is more than a maybe.  

One thing I want to make clear, is that whatever you think, the whole mess is not the fault of Obama.  To those that wish him evil, I say shame on you.  We live in a country that is built on laws and  he is simply doing the best with what he can.  I don't hate everything about "Obama-care."  In fact there is a lot to be said about ensuring that all our citizens have access to Health Care no matter what has happened in the past.  That part where children can stay on their parents plan until they are well into their mid 20's not so much.  What I am very worried about is in spite of some of the changes needed, I wanted to open the loop holes not quite so far, not quite so fast.

The other day a friend of long standing posted a very pro Obama post.  He had been in the business world and was very well respected.  On the surface he was a Republican to the core and his change kind of shocked me.  On the non business side, he has always been very active in Scouting and loved the outside as he would often travel with them to Philmont or up into Canada on canoe trips.  I can see how his feelings could run to a little more liberal side and perhaps, at least for this election he is right.

I am concerned that the Hostess Bakery company is closing just as some of the States are opening their Marijuana laws.  When those midnight munchies kick in what will they eat.

I know where I am, where are you?


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