Workin' on the Bike

Saturday looked like the last day for riding in balmy 70 degree weather for the year so I stripped the recumbent frame down to it's bare metal and am in the process of having it powder coated. Less than a year ago, I looked into having it done and due to the poor economy, both of the previous shops are now closed. I had to find new locations to have the work done.  When I had a smart phone I would just look the locations up on line.  Now that I have a "Dumb Phone" I had to stop and use the old phone book trick.

When I get the bike back together I will probably upgrade a couple of the components and most of the cables.  I say I will put it together but the guys at my local bike shop are way mo' better than I am and they will probably do most of the work. I went to the bike shop on Saturday to get the last couple of components off the frame.  There are some neat tools that I don't own.  The tool that removes the bearing races out of the head is a neat tool.  I am sure that If I had just taken a screw driver to do that I would have bent something.  There is even a neat tool that removes the pedals that is not yet in my tool box.  My bearing puller got one pedal off but not the side with the chain rings. 

I can sure tell that my three times a week bike rides are getting further apart.  The other day I saw a Ford Truck Ad and the guy used the word "Farther" and I thought I would have used further.  Seems like if it is distance not space or differences in ideology you should use farther.  Sheesh, what did I know.  

On Saturday, it stayed close to 70 degrees until very late.  On Sunday the daytime high was shortly after midnight.  This morning, it was about 23 degrees and I had to scrape frost off the car windshield. 

Oh well, on with the good things.


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