Morning After

This morning, I am pretty sad in that in spite of everything that is screwed up, little changed from the election.  I compare what happened to the "NOT IN MY BACKYARD" (NIMBY)  crowd.  The current rating of the entire congress is about 8% in the national polls and yet, so few of them got unelected.  We will be faced with more of the same and we will get more of what we got.  I guess everyone is willing to forgive their congressmen and women for their faults. 

No one is willing to face that Bush in 8 years and Obama in 4 years added $2,000 @ in annual interest payments on the National debt for each person in the USA.  If you or I lived life so above the rules, they would come after us with a net.  

Oh well, what the heck, what the hell do I care.


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  1. Hang on MUD! The next four years is going to be one Hell of a ride.
    At least we are old enough to remember what America was really like back in the day.