New Toy

The other day one of the oil royalty checks arrived and I made a trip to the Airport to pick up Mel who was visiting.  Right on the way is the new Kansas Speedway, a Casino and Cabella's.  If a guy can't find something to spend his money on in one of those places, he is brain dead.  It just so happened that that very morning I saw the Cabella's ad in the paper and they had Trail Camera's on sale.  Yep, a new toy always whets my appetite so I stopped and bought one.

Thus, a new adventure has opened my neck of the woods.  I knew I lived at the edge of a large community and that there were woods around my house but, I had no real idea how many and varied kinds of critters live nearby.

I expected to have pictures of deer but a fox showed up to see if there was anything edible.  So far, nothing seems to like the baby carrots I threw out.  I guess there is not enough ranch dressing dip to make them happy

It does keep me busy walking up and down that damned hill.  I had no idea that the trail Cam would also capture images of me pouring out the bounty.  Plaid shirt and baggy blue jeans don't do justice to this old man.  Oh well, looks like me to a T.

Another new toy we bought was a hand held GPS.  We like to know where we really are and used it to go Geo-Caching.    If you haven't done that yet, it is kind of neat to go out and see if you can find things others have left in odd places.  We found two of the three we went looking for the first time.  It is another excuse to get out and drive the scenic by-ways of Kansas.

I would point out that I am easily amused by things that are techie in nature.  Having a son that works at Best Buy doesn't hurt.  

Oh well, moving on....



  1. Nice fox picture. For deer put out a white salt block next to the mineral block. If your trail cam accepts memory cads get two 8 GB cards and when you check the cam take the old one out and put the new one in so you can upload to your computer at liesure. Change every time. Great picture quality, use the infra red setting to get night shots. Most deer will show after dark. Ray

  2. That's pretty cool, MUD. I'm gonna look in to a trail camera. I'm thinking of setting one in the back yard to see who all tries to break in.