Sunday, Sunday...

I love to wake up early and make a pot of coffee.  I get the paper and read it as much as I can stand.  Yesterday we went to Sam's Club and I bought another two pounds of that thick sliced bacon.  I bought the hickory smoked kind not the Maple Flavored kind.   It is almost as good but doesn't smell up the house for days.  Not that Maple is a bad smell for a house.  I microwave a couple of cut up potatoes and then fry them.  Finest kind.

In the past I loved to go to Lawrence for breakfast but breakfast at home is almost as good.  Oddly enough, the HyVee grocery store had almost the best breakfast at a reasonable price.  I loved to go to their meat department after breakfast and pick up some of their fine meat for grilling.  Meat comes in three grades, regular, choice and prime.  The Choice at HyVee is almost as good as the Prime anywhere else.  It is well marbled and grills great.  They have a supplier in Amana, Iowa that just loves his beef.

It is that time of the year when I have to work on my defense in depth against the mice.  They think that because I built a house in the woods they are welcome to spend the winter inside.  I will put peanut butter baited mouse traps by the door in the garage.  I think I got more than 40 last year and today is the first day of mouse hunting season.  I made the mistake of  leaving a bag of black oil sunflower seeds in the garage and there was a hole in the bottom of that bag and lots of shells on the floor.  

A couple of years ago I put gutter screens on the house.  I can see that the squirrels have eaten a hole in one and the rest need to be cleaned of the gravel from the new roof.  A little dirt and that gravel from a fresh roof and it is overflow time.  I hate that job but it needs to be done and I don't have any dependable help nearby.  Oh well, "That what does not kills us makes us stronger." (Or some crap like that...)  

I am not sure who is advising the Hamas group in Gaza, but they need to learn to live with the Israelis.  Either that or die with them.  Once the people in Israel decided that their motto is "Never Again" it is not wise to fool with them.  Shoot one rocket at them and they will bomb your leaders house.  Do that enough and they will wake up and smell the cordite.  

As a retired Artilleryman, I can still smell the cordite from the guns as they fired.  I got used to that smell and between the sounds and smells, I can see freedom from there.    It is a smell that I want to always be on distant battlefields but I would suit up if they really needed me.  Yes, I know I wouldn't last long hauling stuff around.  You have your dreams, and I'll have mine.

The Paper was full of Ads this morning.  They are cranking up for Black Friday.  There is a real push for people to not shop at the big box stores on Thursday evening and Friday.  All I can say is the same thing I would say to those Hostess Bakery people.  Would you rater have a 8% pay cut or a 100% loss?   I for one know that there are a lot of people that could lose their jobs if we stop shopping.  Add to that the loss to the economy and that will add fuel to the recession fire.  We lost over 500 jobs in Topeka last year and I for one don't want many more jobs to go away.  


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