Role of Government?

One of the biggest discussions last month centered on the role of the Government.  Here is my two cents worth:

Government has a role in being the protector of our freedoms.  They should seek out and punish those that commit crimes that violate the Civil Rights of our Citizens.  That applies to all enemies foreign and domestic.  I would personally not give any of those rights to those foreign aggressors we are seeking out, but I do come from the Military side of the house where rules of war apply.

As a Minimum, the Government needs to perform those requirements as specified in the Constitution.  Because technology and life has changed, I accept there will be a growing creep in those requirements.  

There are just some things that Government should not be asked to do.  The Government Spending has grown from about 20% of the GDP to nearing 30%.  Somewhere there needs to be a cap on that.  I am not responsible for making it work so I won't specify the level for now.

I think every law newly passed needs to have a sunset date.  I would also make the new laws specify what is being cut to pay for the new entitlement or spending.  No unfunded mandates would be passed to the States.  

If the National Guard can spend 80 Million dollars supporting Advertising for NASCAR, no one can tell me that we can't cut the military budget.   A good one year of mandatory military service for all young men and women would cut the need for advertising.  

Our Congress must put together a budget and learn to live with it.  My big rule is Income must be greater than or equal to outgo.  Simple to say, hard to do.


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