Gettin' Ready for the Big Dance

The paper had an interesting article today about the Jay Hawks and their scheduling to prepare them for a run in the NCAA Tournament.  I found it kind of interesting that a team can schedule themselves in a way that they can lose 7 or 8 games and still be consider as high in the seeding as they are.  It appears that KU has an expert that schedules teams to play in the pre-season that have a high RPI.  Yes, a San Diego State will sneak in from time to time and beat them but the overall experience makes them better and more ready to play in the Post Season Conference Tournament and then the NCAA Tournament.  It doesn't hurt that KU has managed to win 10 Conference Championships along the way.  Having fewer home losses than conference championships over the last 10 years doesn't hurt. Having KU in the conference raises the RPI of the BIG XII and that helps support their high RPI.  Kind of a loopy loop system but it works.

I have talked about the players that are "One and Done" in the past but I feel I need to point out that a lot of people are saying that Wigging, Selden and Imbid would all be asked to play in the NBA development League if they get drafted this year.  Isn't that what the College NCAA teams are for?  All three would be better players if they stayed at least one more year.  Marcus Smart should have gone to the NBA last year.  At least there he would have money to pay the fines for stupid behavior.

With all that said, what would  add to the BIG XII to make it a better conference?  I think WSU and Tulsa would make great additions to the competition.  The lack of a football team at WSU does make them somewhat a hard sell.  One of my friends always brags that his college team is undefeated in football.  Without a football program the fans at WSU can say that.  I am not sure which is worse.  No team or one with a record of losses, and not a lot of wins - a lot of losses like KU.

With the hawks playing their last game of the regular season in West Virginia, they are playing at 11 AM today.  The good news is the coverage of the Missouri Valley Tournament doesn't start until 12:30.  Unless WSU plays in the first game, I will get to watch some of the KSU game against Baylor.  That game can help or sink Baylor in the tournament seeding.  I think KSU will go NIT if anything.  I did read that South Carolina's coach, Frank Martin was suspended for a tirade that went Viral on U-Tube.  He was such an ass hat at K-State that it should not surprise anyone that he has a team with a losing record and not getting much better. 

Yesterday I got a lot of the shelves installed in the metal building and now I need to tackle the job of organizing the mess in the garage.  I am tempted to bring the trailer over by the door and make a major throwaway program unfold.  There is a free hazardous disposal program run by the County but it takes stuff only on the first Saturday of the month.  I have a lot of old containers of things that need disposed of and just throwing them away won't work.  I noticed that one can of battery post cleaner leaked onto one of the metal shelves and I will have to throw away the can and shelves. 

Better get cracking.


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