Makin' Stuff Up

This morning on day 9 of the missing airplane, CNN is as busy as ever making stuff up.  Even Rush Limbaugh (with a Doctorate of Making Stuff Up) commented the other day that the scenarios are just getting wilder and wilder.  He then went on to make up his own version that made as much sense as all the rest.  By that, once conjecture sets in, I tune out. 

Once upon a time, The Kansas Guard wrote a Future Plan that was to help us look at the trends in Kansas and help us shape our Force Structure or what units we need.  Clearly, because the funding comes from the Feds, their kind of units really dictates what kind of units we are given.  With the cuts in federal Force Structure, there will be another round of changes and I am sure that again the size and kinds of units will change. 

With that said, here is my vote for the best kind of National Guard Units a State would have.  Because one of the requirements of the Governor is to preserve Law and Order, at least one company of Military Police is needed.  Engineers are always a good thing to help clear the streets of debris after a Natural Disaster.  A transportation Company helps move equipment and people where they are needed.  The State should always have a fleet of busses to move Guardsmen from one area to another also.  The final question is a big one on the National Stage.  My vote is that we have more combat units in the Guard to back up the Active Army.  Cut the Active force to less than 400,000 and we need the ability to expand our presence.  It should be noted that the Russians have about 600,000 men and God only knows what China has.  If you add the 160,000 Ukraine forces to the Russians, they will have us 1.5:1 headed to 2:1.  I also wonder what will happen when the additional 100,000 service members hit the streets.  Right now that part of the population ahs the highest unemployment levels. 

Oh well, I'm not in charge even in my own deluded state of mind. 

I finally got the 57 Chevy out of the garage and into the storage shed.  I need to get busy and do some polish on the chrome and get a dust cover to help protect the paint.  I will probably look for some of those dolly jacks that allow me to move it around inside the building with out the motor running.  Barb wants me to get it running and at least once or twice a month start it and drive it around.   I really should find it a good home where the new owner will have the time and money to fix it up and keep it that way.

Oh well, today we'll get the word on where and when KU will play.  At one time we were set to be a number one seed but now if we don't slip to number three we'll be lucky.  We didn't finish the season strong for many reasons. 


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