Note from the basketball Side

I interrupt this recounting of my Military life to throw in a message to my Friends and Family.

I am a sports fan and enjoy the College basketball season about the best.  It is unfortunate that our Kansas teams are all either going home or at home now, but wasn't it a great season?  For KU to have a decade of Conference Championships and Wichita State to go undefeated through 35 games is a great run.  Rather than hang my head and say, "What If", I am simple going to move on to those things in life that give meaning to what I do. 

I love the technology we have now in our world that allows us to communicate well and frequently.  You don't know how it gladdens my heart to see pictures of all the little kids in our families.  They are the future and I beam when I see one of them doing well and looking good.  Reports of weddings and graduations just gladden my heart.  I know that there are a few negative things that make our news but that's life. 

My challenge to you is that if we all spend as much time celebrating good things as we do celebrating sports, we will be better for it.  I have found that one path to success is to do what I do as well as I can and move on.  Changes don't mean the door is slammed shut, it means that you have to make a choice to open another door.  I for one believe in the fact that the door is always half open so we can change. 

aka Mean Uncle Denny 

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