Great Practice

Yesterday I spent the day listening to and singing along with my Barbershop Chorus Music and almost skipped going to the Practice because of a sore voice.  When I got there, it seemed the entire chorus had spent a lot of time from the last practice to now getting ready for our concert on the 3rd of May.  We will sing at 2 PM and 7 PM that day.  We will perform at the Fairlawn Church of the Nazarene at 7th and Fairlawn.  In addition to our show, we will have one of the 2013 International Champion quartets "the Crush", a couple of award winning teen quartets and several of our own quartets.  If last night's practice is any indication, we will set out to Wow you and make the chords ring.  I for one am pumped.  On a cold night in march, almost everyone got to the practice. By the end of the evening we were right on pitch at the end of every song and had a great sound.

I am hoping that soon I will be able to start moving items into the new storage shed.  They asked me to let the concrete set at least a week and preferably 10 days.  Today is the 8th day and I can hardly wait.  If it does get as warm (Yes, I know that mid 30's is still pretty cold) I will start at least moving some small items out to the shed that aren't as heavy.  I could also start building shelves to organize things.  My goal is to by mid week next week to be able to park the Ford inside our regular garage.  I think if I take my CD Player out there things will go faster.  

At last night's practice the director asked us what we thought about the practice last week at the rotunda of the Library.  I told him that it was difficult to hear the other parts of the chorus and while it was great to see so many people get to hear us, it was kind of frustrating.  The other guys said that it was the difficulty that made us blend our sound and several of their family members said it was great.   I thought we might go there and sing our version of "Home on the Range."  Instead we sang our entire chorus show schedule. 

Oh well, better get on with my day.  Barb saw that it was National Pancake Week and started our day out with her  famous Cashew Blue Pancakes.  Mighty yummy.


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