Information or Noise?

Our breakfast discussion this morning was how is it that so many people don't seem to be making the right decisions.  Starting with the Kansas Legislature working on Laws that will surely get overturned, to the Congress of the United States being so divided that you might think they represent armed camps ready to start another Civil (or un-Civil) War.  (I secretly wonder if this is an information campaign my wife has started to influence my blog?)

My wish for everyone is to take a step back and take a deep breath.  Have we all got so shallow that we forgot what our Rights are?   My freedom of Religion does not mean that I must support or pay for your religion.  If you are in business, you need to provide your goods or services to anyone without even knowing their religion, color, race, ethnic or legal sexual preference.  Yes, as much as I hate to say it, stupid speech is included in our Freedom of Speech.  Barbara once had one of her teachers tell a classroom of future teachers that our children should have a built in "Crap Detector."  For me that has always been the Attention Deficit Disorder that tunes me out after the headlines on the news.  I must also throw in a plug for spell checker here. 

Simply put, I am amazed that the rules and Law and Order people can survive with the information overload.  Several times, I walk into the room when Barb is watching CNN and ask her what is going on.  She will tell me that something important happened but now they are just "Making up Stuff."  When the talking heads use the same phrase for the third time, I usually tune them out.  Today there was an explosion and a fire in NY City and the person on the ground talked about the dense smoke.  The fire fighters were pouring water on a very hot fire and you could see steam making it difficult to see details.  The important part of the story was the fact that no one knows how many people were in the building when it exploded but for the fourth or fifth time we were told about the dense smoke.  Tell us what's happening and go away until you can give us details.  Most of us in Kansas think there are buildings in NY City that could blow up and not change the way we live.  Other than the horror of 9-11, it really hasn't changed my daily life much if any.

There was an election in Florida where outside interests poured in about $50.00 for each voter in an election.  I think it was reported as 9 Million dollars to influence the future outcome of the National elections this fall.  I wonder just how many of the pundits think that Joe Schmoe here in the Heartland will be influenced by an election in Florida?  It is my personal opinion that we as people need to put on our "Crap Detectors" and start being responsible for our own ideas and information.    I guess I was one of those people that was offended when people quoted Readers Digest so it should not be a surprise when I tune out CNN and the rest of the crowd that tell me more than I care to know about anything. I am an old school Journalist that wants people tell me in the first paragraph the who, what, where and when and then move on.  Everything below the first paragraph is just ads and I don't read them very often. 

The weather here is just a little below average for March and yet after a day or two of 70 is seems colder.  The News paper today had a column by the editor Mike Hall that asked the question, "Why in the winter time do we heat up our houses to temperatures that in August we just swelter in and complain about the heat?" 

I guess like the water buffalo that walks around the outside of the herd looking for some lion butt to kick, I will pay attention to the lions and ignore the gazelles jumping through the grass watching
for snakes. 


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