A Facebook friend of mine posted an article that asked, "Are you tired of teachers being overpaid?"  I jumped up and without reading the article told him that anyone that has not taught just doesn't understand.  He told me to open the article and read it.  The article said almost exactly what I said.  Barbara had been a teacher for almost 40 years and in the end she made about what a GS-9 worker would make.  Add to that all the hours she had to perform to get ready and then all the extra money she had to pay to remain certified, she darned sure wasn't the most highly paid person. The salvation of all of this is that she saved and invested our money wisely and we are living a life I never thought possible.

There is a sign that says, "If you can read this, Thank a teacher."  Just when I want to thank all the teachers that made a difference in my life, I find I don't remember their names.  The two teachers that really did make a difference in my life were my sisters who taught me to read.  From there, I have traveled the world stage and loved it.  This blog is just and extension of my life and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Well Boys and Girls, we are ending another great season of basketball.  The conference championships are almost fixed and the tournaments are about to start.  It never ceases to amaze me how it all turns out.  Teams that could not hit the rim two shots out of three play their hearts out and come out a winner.  Just when we thought Syracuse would win out, they have melted down.  Just when WSU looked like another mid-major, they play team ball and go 31-0.   The BIG XII is still beating each other up and KU slipped in another Conference Championship.  It is unfortunate that KSU hasn't played up to their potential on the road.   A few more road wins and they too could have been in the top instead of being in a giant tie for third place. 

The weatherman was wrong about the snow here in the Heartland.  It just got too cold too quick to snow and this AM we just have an inch or so of snow and Zero degrees being wind blown to a -15 or so wind chill.  I went out to get the paper this AM and even with a sweatshirt and a coat wasn't prepared to be out very long.  I am sure glad that I don't have to fire up the tractor and drive over to clear driveways.  Add 15 to 20 MPH to the wind of 15 MPH and the wind chill gets very extreme.

Oh well, on to better things.  Barbara started our day out with the smell of cooking bacon.  Man, a cuppa coffee and French toast with a side of bacon sure hit the spot. 


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