Help Me, Ive been Momed

This morning Barb did a Mom on me.  She didn't ask me to eat breakfast, or even what I wanted.  She played Mom and asked me if I wanted shredded wheat or Great Grains.  I know that she used that technique with Dave a lot.  Don't give kids an open ended question if you really want to control the choices.    Manipulation of my rights at least.  Well, it really wasn't a big deal but she also didn't start one of those philosophical discussions that could lead me to another blog subject.  Have to make this stuff up on my own.

Yesterday, I read on line that one of Barb's Nephews and his wife are expecting their fifth child.  They are an amazing couple and have four of the nicest kids I have ever met.  She home schools the kids and you can bet they are like their parents and a package of smart cookies.  I'll bet the boys get a good lesson on tools and will be handy like most of the males in Barb's family. 

I read in the paper that the City of Topeka will celebrate St Patrick's Day this Saturday rather than on Monday.   Yep, it does seem a little strange that we celebrate the Saint that brought Christianity to Ireland by drinking lots and lots of green beer.  Can you tell that I am not Irish and no longer drink?  Sounded a little like sour grapes to me too.

It was fun to watch KU play basketball yesterday.  To watch them beat OK-State was even more of a pleasure.  I enjoyed the K-State Iowa State game even if it was a loss for K-State.  People that don't enjoy a good game probably don't understand why I liked that game.  On the other hand, the Texas, West Virginia game put me to sleep.  It was probably the end of the season for West Virginia.  Oklahoma will go home but probably will be in the Big Dance.  The only question is where KU will be in the rankings.  I predict a number two seed even if they win the rest of the way in the tournament. 

It must be getting on towards spring.  The solarium is so full of plants that it is a wonder that the DEA hasn't highlighted our house as an illegal plant grow location.    The lights are on 24 hours a day and I'll bet our water bill has doubled.    I slept in a little late this morning and Barb actually went out to get the paper.  I think it has to be at least 50 for that to happen. 

I am still about halfway from completing the transition of junk to the new storage shed.  I finally got the trailer pulled up by the garage door and am making great strides in actually throwing stuff away to go to the dump.  There is a lot of stuff I just didn't want to throw away and an equal amount of stuff that I was just to lazy to haul off.  At least I can make it worthwhile to haul off an entire load. 

Oh well, I am nearing 200,000 hits on this blog and am still thinking about a hiatus for the rest of the year.  We'll see.


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