It's Just Basketball

March madness starts this week and 66 teams will get the chance to strut their stuff on a basketball court and see who can win out.  The talk has been that many feel that WSU didn't play a tough enough schedule and now the Tournament Committee has stacked the deck on them.  Guess what?  Every bracket has teams that will come to play you and beat your butt if they can.  Ask Larry Brown's team (SMU) who can't Dance because they didn't get an invite.  Would they want to play anywhere on the bracket's.  You bet they would. 

All three of the Kansas teams will play in Saint Louis on Friday.  Should be a fun week passing the time until that happens.  If WSU and K-State both win all their games, they could play each other in the Sweet 16.  KU could play the winner of that game in the finals but I won't hold my breath.

A long time ago, I read that the race doesn't always go to the swiftest, the fight doesn't always go to the strongest - But that a pretty good way to bet.  In short, if you look at history, not every final four is populated by teams that were selected as the number one seeds in each bracket.  So what ever you do, don't bet it all on any one team.  There are people that have the winner of the tournament tattooed on their body and the first game hasn't been played.  Now that's stupid -  It's Just basketball Maynard.

I think I am going to see if the shop can fit the Ford in sometime this week to replace the spark plugs.  I would call it a tune up but most of the things done in the old days is now done electronically. The coil, points and condenser are just not there any more. 

The other day, I saw an automotive program that "Tuned" up the acceleration of a car electronically.  I wonder if they can tune down the acceleration and increase the mileage the same way?  I stopped reading the Super Chevy Magazine when I was strongly attacked by the hot rodders when I wrote a letter to the editor about my desire to see a hot rod get 25 MPH rather than have 600 horsepower.  I for one have to buy my fuel at the gas station and don't give a rat's hind end how fast I can do a 1/4 mile.  at almost $4 a gallon getting 25 MPG beats the hell out of 10 MPG and a low ET. 

In case you haven't noticed, I am a fiscal conservative.  The top priority on my list of things that must be fixed is the budget needs to be balanced.  Balanced hell, we also have to pay off the National Debt. Yes, there will be little things like COLA's that get cut, defense purchases cut back and the overall size of Government needs to be trimmed.  How about a goal of cutting the purchase of foreign mgf. goods by 5% in a couple of years.  Our Manufacturing jobs would employ 100,000 workers each time that happens.  How about cutting the Billion dollars of foreign Aid we want to give the Ukraine now that they have elected to go back and join Russia.  Let them pay if they want to play. 

The other day, I saw that there is a proposed budget out there that doesn't cut the spending from the last one.  In my perfect world, I would start cutting it by 1% per year until Income is greater to or equal to outgo.  Afghanistan can go protect itself next year and no more aid to them from us.


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