Popeye, I Yam What I Yam.

Everything you read, hear and see is processed through your Brain Housing Group.  In short, you are what you are and short of an Significant Emotional Event (SEE), you are just not going to change much. 

What the hell does that mean Denny?  What I am trying to say here is that all the good meetings, books or TV programs you will watch will only slightly change your perceptions.  In some ways, that is a good thing, but you need to be aware of the creep in your behavior and it is just possible that you don't know when things are changing for the bad.  I listened to a guy say one time, "You don't know what you don't know."  I thought about that for a long time and wondered if there was an assessment shot of counseling that would help you see where you need to find a see or have a SEE. 

Your life will be full of experiences and some of them will be not for the good.  They might not all be for the bad, but you are the only person that really needs to see if the door is half open or completely closed.  Throughout my life I worked hard at my jobs and from time to time I didn't get promoted when I thought I was the best qualified.  It was then that I started to look hard at why I thought I wanted that job and where I fell short of getting it.  I am pretty sure there were several bosses that were surprised when I wanted to know where I fell down in their expectations.  A lot of the time I found out that the other person had just been doing the job longer and was more "Deserving."  OK, I would move on from that and do my best to find a job where I was deserving of that promotion.  I also never stopped working on being better educated, more experienced and stand out in the selection process. 

Along the way, I realized that I am the source of my own happiness.  If I am bored, it is probably because I didn't get up off my butt and do  something.  If I wasn't happy, there was generally a hobby, a good book or a nap that needed my attention.

My father fell short of being perfect but he did have some pieces of good advice from time to time.  He told me that marriage was like work.  If you take time off, it won't do well.  If I decided t love someone, I needed to be prepared to spend the rest of my life with them.  He said that he had a lot of friends that were women, but the only love in his life was his wife, my mother.  He said that it was his experience that those guys that have girl friends and wives often had to stop loving one or the other.  He said wives know when the love light is out.  You might fool yourself but never them.  I guess having a 2 week time off in the summer (National Guard Summer Camp)  always made me realize how much I missed her and home. 

So, the next time you think you are lonely or bored, try to remember who made you feel that way.  Go take a long look in the bathroom mirror and see if you are Popeye or poopy.  You'll know if you need to change you or your diaper.


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