Oh, The Joys....

Yesterday I went to the new Menard's Store and bought some shelves for the new building.  I discovered that I needed to have a couple of shelves to load stuff on before I could move the old shelves from the garage to the new building.  I also bought some plastic storage containers so I could somewhat organize the "Stuff."  I use the term stuff as that is the way it was in the garage -Stuffed! 

Money won't buy you happiness but it will buy you a lot of stuff.  Stuff that will take a whole lot more time and effort than it is probably worth.  I think I could have my own yard auction that would take most of a day.  I went to an auction in North Topeka one time and I swear the guy had at least three of every kind of shovel there is.  He must have collected them from both sets of parents when the family closed out their sheds.  I think we went there to buy a storage building(s) but the owner wanted way too much money for them and I built one for Barb instead.   I found a kit on sale and had I known it would take me the better part of a week to build it, I would have just paid any price for the one at the auction.

In my perfect world (Dream on Dennis) I would offer all my family and friends advice on how to build their perfect world.  The good news is that I have a lot of ideas.  The bad news is that it was appropriate for the time I lived but just how appropriate would it be now?  A lot of the fun in life is self made and I guess I could be just as happy with a little less stuff.  I would encourage people to find that place where they are centered and enjoy what they are doing at whatever level of income they are at.  Every day, I think I am a little less able to get out there and work hard.  When I do work hard, I find the aches and pains the next day take longer to go away.  The two areas that I think have not changed is in the area of Love and Money.  Life is much easier without the fight over money.  Barb loves to have control but she also lets me have a small pile that I control.  She has us solvent and comfortable so why fight it.  My father told me years ago that when I marry, make sure it is the right person and work hard to make it last.  I guess 46 years is about right with no end in sight.  One nice thing is that while we enjoy our time together, we both have some things that keep us busy on our own.  I love to sing and Barb loves to grow things.  Until they have a Singing Master Gardener's group or a Green House Gang in the Barbershop Chorus we will just have to work on those things.

Oh well, I had better end here and go se if I can find happiness in organizing my Stuff.


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