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Here comes another Boatload.   I am starting to really enjoy the early morning discussions with the first mate and she has been managing to get my juices flowing so I can share with you my view of life.  We had a discussion of free speech, with a side of stupid speech thrown in, and how it is often viewed as tied to some freedom of religion.  This is aided by the fact that the Freddie Phelps, the Homo Ranger and his band of merry sign waivers are from Topeka.  The only good thing I can say about them is that in front of the White Concert Hall his a Capela choir did carry a tune.   

I personally think it is not what we want for Ted Cruise to criticize Dole, McClain and Romney.  We want leaders that lead up to the solution not another person poking fun at what didn't win.  He pointed out that those three Republicans campaigned from the middle and I think the pundits say that has been the rule for years.  Most of the Presidential Candidates have campaigned from the middle and then moved back to their previous position once elected.  The one Major Exception (Notice the capitalization) was Eisenhower and no one really knows where he came from or ended up.  He was the Master of Joint because of his WWII leadership, and just kept us on track by building up the economy and then telling us to beware of the Military Industrial Complex.  He left his fingerprints all over the Bay of Pigs and then Kennedy wound up looking like a feckless fool for not supporting it.

As noted by the First (and I point out that I pray she is the last mate - I hope)  there are several inconsistencies in the Tea Party Position Paper that she doesn't understand.  I hate to admit it, but in a lot of ways I agree.  According to the TP pundits, the Government Intrusion in our lives is too large.  Yet, they want to swing their position papers like a sword to stop abortions.  Let me be clear on this, I will continue to walk the fine line in the middle on this issue.  I personally think that Abortion is a horrible way to conduct birth control.  But, I for one don't want the Government intruding into the sacred ground between a woman and her doctor.  I also won't take my position to the point where I intrude on your right to feel any damned way you choose.

I struggle with the issue of division of Church and State also.  We have Freedom of Religion not from religion.  That means to me that you have the right to worship your god any way you see fit so long as it is legal.  If that is true, why do we have an escape clause on Churches and taxes.  I think they should escape taxation on the part of the church that includes the worship or giving to the needy.  Why does the parsonage and the vehicles driven by the minister not get taxed?   How on god's green earth does the Catholic Church escape taxation on the reparations they pay for the wrongdoings?  That sure as hell doesn't fit my test of religion in any manner.  

That leads me back to a position I have often taken in the past.  One of the toughest problem in Washington is the results of what they do because of the Law of Unintended Consequences.  I think it looks good to give the Ukraine a billion dollars.  But, where the hell are they going to get it to give?  What are we going to have to cut to get towards a balanced budget?  We all know that the government is headed to the time like in the Jimmy Carter days we will have to make cuts. It is just that no one there wants to have their name associated with the end of the free spending ways they have had for years.  I vote that you can blame it on me, MUD.  From the school of Joe Schmoe Financial Planning comes the new spending plan that is called MUD.  If it floats in the punchbowl of balanced (income vs. outgo) financial management, it should get called a turd and be eliminated.  Start funding the things mandated by the Constitution and quit when you run out of money.  See, simple but not popular.

I challenge all of you that are thinking about buying a foreign car - for every additional 5% of the spending we spend in the USA, we can add 1,000,000 jobs.   I just wish there was a Sinclair gas station that uses only USA crude oil near me.  They would have 100% of my business.


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