They do what on the Internet?

The other day, one of my wife's aunts commented on several things going on in Barb's life.  She asked me how would her aunt know all those things?  Yep, sometime when you have a couple of hours, Google yourself and see just how much of your life is out there on the net for everyone to see. 

Just because you don't take the time to follow that advice, it doesn't mean that your life is not out there.  I for one don't worry about what it says because I am so dull and boring that I ask people to repeat any bad things they find about me.  I think the word in Hollywood is that even bad publicity is publicity.  

The other day, I listened to a discussion about what's wrong with the USA.  In my humble opinion, a lot of it starts in the homes across this great land.  I can remember the conversation with my Dad about what He wanted for me.  He said that I could make a living by digging ditches but he thought it was not the way I would want to live.  He gave me a dream not directions.  It wasn't until I met my life partner that I saw this determination to have a life plan come to full action.  One night I casually asker her what she wanted out of life.  I was given the complete plan and dang if it isn't pretty much what has happened.  My (then Girlfriend) wife said that she was going to finish her degree, become a teacher, get married, have children and own a house.  I am not sure when she invited me into this scenario, but I could see that it was where I wanted to hitch my wagon. 

I think that it is important to share with our children the view that life is a wonderful place to express our wishes and dreams.   In this world, I would do my best to help fill their lives with the wide array of possibilities and dreams.  I would never tell them that because you are poor, black, Hispanic that there are serious limitations.  Life is full of possibilities and living is what makes it all possible to overcome.  I don't know about you, but I grew up poor as did my wife.  We never let that start hinder us in any way.  I think we were filled with love and an understanding that our limits had little to do with where we started.  After all, isn't it the way we end that is important?  Well, Perhaps the journey is to be lived and it will be as good as we make it. 

I hope you think that the people we share our journey with is as important to you as it is to me.  I know that the new found career path our son is on, make us proud.  If I think I miss the pitter patter of little feet, I am reminded that our almost grand daughters are in Morocco.  There is a set of Grand nieces in Kansas City that love to share time with us.  In fact next Tuesday Lucas and Isaak  will come over for dinner and it will be a hoot.  Those guys can make about any even into a party.    

Can you tell she knows what life has in store for her ?

Where I hope you realize from this is that the job of our parents is to help us think about the possibilities.  It takes a lot of work to make that happen and kids are worth it.  There is a basic need for food, shelter, health care but nothing can beat a set of parents that love and care for their children.  No Government can do that for us. 


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