Too Much of a Good Thing

Basketball started early yesterday and ended late.  It was sad to watch KU go through that game like it didn't mean anything.  Had Wiggins not played his best game of the season, they would have lost by a bigger margin.  Kudos to VW on their hustle and work ethic. 

It is such a treat to watch WSU play basketball.  They don't ever let any possession get away without a solid performance.  The rebound, fall on the floor for loose balls and play defense every play.  I am looking forward to watching them play today.  But I won't watch any other games today.

This morning, I went out to fetch the paper and in the distance, I heard the turkey's gobble.  The sun was just going up and it has a spring feel in the air.  I could also hear the birds chirping from almost all of the trees.   The temperature feels like it was just about 32 degrees and headed for 50 today.  I can't wait for it to warm up a little so I can get the garage better organized. 

I think I will pull my trailer down by the garage door and start filling it with the items that need to go to the dump.   I might even call the County and see what they charge for me to bring up a bunch of old paint and chemicals to dispose of.  I know that the first Saturday of the Month they have a free day but I am not sure I can wait that long.  I have at least half of a pickup load of old stuff.  A lot of it is paint.

As much as I don't like the President, I sure hope he can get this Ukraine deal right.  We need another war like we need a hole in our head.  We have leaked enough money on other people's problems and it is about time we saved for ourselves. 

A friend of mine, Frank Wright, works for Capital federal here in Topeka.  The article in the paper talked about how the cash on hand in the local banks is down a couple million in two years.   Frank said that a lot of that has to do with the Stock Market doing well.  In case you haven't noticed, the Baby Boomers as they get nearer to retirement age are shoveling money into the Market as fast as they can.  The banks are paying almost nothing on our money and unless you want the return of your money not return on your money they are a lousy place to invest. 

Did you know that if you are Federal or State Civil Service your Social Security payments are often reduced?   Even though I qualified with enough quarters prior to joining Civil Service and pay the going rate on my income after I retired, I find my payment reduced to about 1/3rd of what Barb is getting.  I am not in dire need of the money, but I sure as heck could have found a better investment than Social Security if I had been given the choice.  I guess people like me are just making up for what my parents drew.  I know they were rewarded by the system and it had to come from somewhere.   Just quit telling me it is an entitlement like a gift and not return on the investment we pay in. 

Oh well, I guess I have ranted enough today.


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