Senior Night at the Phog

It was Texas Tech's misfortune to be the designated loser for the 2014 KU Men's Basketball Team's Senior Night.  Texas Tech gave the Hawks a challenge at their house but they had to come to the Phog Allen Field House for our last game at home.  Our imported Stud Tarik Black, beat his opponents like a cheap drum.  He was truly a man amongst boys.  I hope that Bill Self watched and the next time someone man handles Joel Imbid he remembers to insert Mr. Black .  With less than 10 games left on the road to the National Championship, there will be enough time for everyone to get playing time. 

I really have mixed emotions about the players that go to college for only a year and then move on to the NBA.   I guess the money is such a big draw that they can't help themselves.  I know that Marcus Smart at OSU and Wiggins will move on.  The unanswered question for now is will Joel Imbid follow them also.  At one time the scholarship was enough but no contest to the money a rookie can make in the NBA.

I offered to take Barb to Kansas City to look at new chairs for the living room.  We have an old couch to replace and are thinking that a pair of chairs might be the best choice.  They can't be a matched set as she can't put her feet down on the floor in a chair made for me and I don't fit comfortably in one her size.  We'll see.

Yesterday I started to put together one of the new shelves in the garage.  For some reason the box was short a couple of the upright posts.  When I called the Company, their entire Customer Service section must have taken off early for lunch.  To add injury to that insult, they didn't have a 1-800 number.  I had to call long distance on my dime only to get an answering machine.  The girl said it would take a couple of days to get me the posts.  I told her that it was their problem and they needed to overnight the missing parts.  Again, time will tell. 

Barbara wrote a letter to the editor a couple of weeks ago.  They finally published it.  She basically chided the Legislature for doing stupid things that will wind up being overturned in the courts and making us look like the butt of the late night shows jokes.  She reminded everyone that they have a job to do in putting together a budget and funding the running of the State.  In the past few years, they spend so much time on stupid legislation that they have had to add days to their schedule to do the required work.  I don't know if you have noticed, Kansas has been at the forefront to put the spanking question back on the roster.  Add to this the right to discriminate is an attempt to drag us back about 50 years.   The aim is to allow discrimination against gays in the guise of religion.  Open that door and we will slide into the question of just what is allowed.  How long will it take to have those hated signs of reserving the right to refuse service back on the walls.  Perhaps Kansas will want to bring back the KKK next.

I am confused about what is going on in the Ukraine.  From the coverage on TV, it appears that the Russians have inserted troops into the Crimea region to stop the violence.  They don't appear to be fighting anyone, only peacekeeping kind of actions.  Our former Secretary of State has indicated that Putin's actions are Hitler like.  Today she is back peddling as fast as she can to dial down her comments to be reasonable.  What an idiot.   Speaking of Idiots, can our system deal with another 100,000 of unemployed soldiers as we try to cut the budget to a manageable level.  Who thinks that a budget bigger than last year's is something we can live with?  Oh I know the answer, send another Billion to the Ukraine.  That's the answer. (?)

Better move on.


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