Theme or Not to Theme?

Our Barbershop Chorus is working on the show for 2015.  The discussion is to do a theme or not?  One year I sang with a group that did show tunes as that year's theme.  Our, "If I were a Rich Man" with dark suits and brief cases was a hit.  One idea for a theme is "Dream a Little Dream" with music from each decade worked in.  I for one would like to see our group stretch a little and not just perform in our tux's on the risers.   I love applause but miss laughter from time to time.  A few goofy things can change it from a forgettable performance . 

Last night I was watching TV and they covered the Indiana State Fair where Sugarland's stage was blown down and people were severely injured.  Their last DVD has a bunch of shots of the set and it was one cool stage.  I guess mother nature just didn't get into their planning.  I imagine that there are enough law suits over that mishap to keep Sugarland from ever getting back together.   That is a shame as they were really creative  and I loved their music.  Yes, I thought Jennifer Nettles was easy on the eyes also. 

Why the fuss over the Ukraine?   Right now it looks like the Russians are there and helping the country not slip into a Civil War.   The same old song about it is all about the Oil is being sung by many people.  We weren't in Quait or Iraq for the oil so why does everyone think that of Russia.  Is John Kerry so out of touch that he thinks that every dispute can be settled by diplomacy?  Technology might help, but having boots on the ground is often the only way you can separate armed opposing forces.   Why is it not Russia's turn to intercede?

As I find the days getting warmer and warmer. my attention is turning to things outside.  There are piles to clean up and landscaping for the new building to finish.  If the amount of plants under the grow lights is any indication, we will be up to our arses in tomatoes this year.  Barb went to the Farmer's Market last year and bought a lot of different kinds of tomatoes and it should be fun to see what will grow on all those tiny plants. 

Barb is off to an eye exam this morning and it will be interesting to see what the Optometrist recommends for her cataracts'.  Even more fun will be to see what she does with his recommendation.

I guess I had better get cracking.


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