Ahh, Springtime in the Heartland

If you aren't addicted to the Weather Channel, you need to know that here in the Heartland the spring rains that the Poets brag about are often accompanied with thunderstorms, hail and air that circulates like water going down the bathroom drain.  Today is one of those days where they start telling us about the bad weather early and continue often. 

Joplin Missouri a few years back

Yesterday Barb and I went to Fort Leavenworth to get our ID Cards renewed.  I thought mine had no renewal date but was surprised to see that it was out of date almost when it was issued.  This time I got one that does not expire and Barb's will need updated only once more when she is 75.  Do you wonder what they do with all that information?  When we went through the gate at Fort Leavenworth, the MP had a hand held scanner and he clicked on it like the ticket takers at a KU game do.  When the little machine beeped, he handed the cards back and said have a nice day.  Makes me wonder where that data base is and how much of my life resided there.

Years ago, the Military built a DNA data base for Mass Casualty identification.  I know I am in there.  My entire Health history is on line with a Data Base from Cotton-O'Neil clinic and probably the VA.  Having been cleared for a Top Secret Clearance back in the 90's,  there is probably a really good record of me and my past somewhere.  I am one of the good guys and the Government knows all of my warts and short comings.  Makes me wonder what they really know about all of us.  I know you can search on line and find out about anyone.

When we were in Leavenworth, we drove south to Lansing Kansas where we had a house in the 70's.  It was still there although it is a different color and there is now a fireplace in the basement.  The road we lived on hasn't had any new housed built on it since we left.  Lansing does have a bunch of new houses on the south west side of town.  Lots of fast food joints now also.

Today I have an appointment with the endocrinology center to  check my thyroid.  When they were doing the scan to see what was wrong when I threw Pulmonary Embolisms, the found that my thyroid has several stones and was about twice the size it needed to be.  Other than it was just too big, everything was OK.  This check should get me off that list.  Might have to go have a cat scan but what the heck.

Better get my butt on the road and get ready.  have a great day out there and watch the sky.


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