Nothing New

Seems like there is just nothing new I need to write about today.   Pretty much same old stuff as yesterday.   Did manage to get a few things done but not much and there is still a lot to do.  

In the world of Baseball, the Royals are in fourth place with a record of 1-1 and the last place team is 0-1.  Yes, I felt I needed to post this because it was in the paper.  Makes me wonder why they don't do like the scoreboard at KU games where they don't post stats until at least a couple of minutes into each half.   

OK, here are a few recommendations for improving basketball.  When a team is throwing in the basketball, how come the five second count doesn't start near the end of the game where a team throws the ball inbounds and the ball is allowed to bounce up the court, and the clock doesn't start until it is touched.  If the team has five seconds to inbound the ball, why doesn't the referee call the five seconds all the time?  Seems kind of stupid to me.   I have noticed that different referees don't make the opposing team honor the same distance on balls being inbounded.  If it is so important, why isn't there a line on the court?  

There seems to be a lot of difference in what the referees call a technical foul.  Roy Williams can shout and almost tear off his suit coat and other guys get a technical when they just shout "Dang." (or words to that effect)    Players not in the game should be made to sit on the bench and not cause disruption to players on the court.

CRAP.   Seems like I AM SUFFERING FROM BASKETBALL WITHDRAWL.  OH well, it will go away sometime next fall.


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