Alternative Ways of Thinking

Here are just a few of the things that I sometimes think about:
  • Where the heck does racism come from?  I am pretty sure that in my world, it is pretty not much of a factor.  I sing in a chorus with a black member and a black Director.  There is a black family that lives nearby and we waive when I drive by just like I do with the rest of the neighbors.   
  • How can the Democrat Party have such a grip on the voting of the blacks?  In those areas where there are a lot of blacks there is a predominately Democrat leadership.  The failures there are historic.  Detroit, Ferguson, Birmingham, AL and many of the large cities are failing and wanting the Middle Class to come rushing in to save them.  The middle class is too failing and soon there won't be anyone to save us all.
  • I hear over and over that the Government needs to pass more laws to fix the ails of our society.  Haven't you had enough watching the Government fail at one cause after another to put your faith in new laws and regulations. Just who the heck do you think sent or allowed our companies to send jobs overseas?  Then they allowed companies to not pay taxes on the profit they make.  Stupid.  This is a failure of both parties.
  • Just when I want to complain about the fact that we are a disposable society, I find out that even if I did want to spend more on a printer repair than what a new one costs, there is no one pout there fixing printers.  Next time you are at Best Buy ask them what a printer tune up would cost.  The printer cartridges themselves often are more than the cost of a new printer.
  • Just when you want to tell the schools they have to cover a new subject, ask yourselves where the heck they would fit it in.  We have gone to computer testing to see how our kids are doing and then the State wants to pre-test and the Feds want to test and the teachers have to teach the tests just to keep their jobs.  Just who the heck is this silent majority of people that have determined what it is that the kids should know to be successful in the real world?
  • Wasn't Bernie Sanders an independent not very long ago? 
That's all folks...

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