Rain in the Heartland

We are getting the rain we have needed for a month or two.  With a gentle rate of fall it seems to be soaking in rather than running off.  For a spring rain, there is little wind also so things are going to be well when it is all finished.  One of these days we need to move the plants out into the garden and off the racks and out from under the grow lights. 

When we planted some trees at Dave's, his engineer friend noticed that one of the trees is right on top of the septic tank.   We realized that the tank probably has never been pumped so they dug it out. m Yep, it needs pumped out in the worst way.  The problem we did have was that the top of the tank is open and it is raining.  I had a plastic swimming pool that the dogs used and I took it up and put it on top of the tank.  It probably will need to have a couple of days to dry out to be able to get the pump truck out in the yard where the tank is. 

Yesterday was the grill day here at Rabbit Run.  I made a trip to the grocery store and found some great meat at a fairly good price.  Put it on the grill with some hickory for smoke and things are great.  With Barb's potatoes and veggies, it was a meal fit for a king.  There will be a lot of leftovers for several meals later on this week.

This morning I am watching the Barret Jackson Auction and they just rolled a 1981 Corvette over the block.   The announcers said it was a terrible year for Vette's and only had a builders title.  It had been in a wreck and the Insurance Company totaled it out.  The car sold for $6,500.  That is several thousand dollars below what a car on either side of 1981 would have brought.  Someone got a pretty nice car for not a lot of money. 

Oh well, things will slow down the next couple of weeks.  There will be a trip to Oklahoma but it won't take long in the court. 

Have a great day our there.


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