Wednesday, Sunny Wednesday

The sun is out after getting some rain overnight.  One of these days I am going to get out and do a really good search for Morell mushrooms.  We had new asparagus showing up so the weather is getting about right.  If anyone had any good ideas how to start getting them to grow, I would be very appreciative.

One of these days I hope the rain stops early enough that by the time the temperature hit 70 it will be dry and smooth sailing on the bike path.  I have a custom recumbent bike that Putt-Putt built for me and I love it.  He is also responsible for finding the recumbent that Barb rides.  He has offered to build a custom frame for it but it seems to be good enough for Barb.  Wet bike paths and goose poop make for slippery conditions.  That is especially bad when the rider is near the ground and the bike has no fenders.

Do you ever watch the program called "The Dog Whisperer?"  I catch it now and then and today a couple had a German Shepherd that was out of control.  I know that Cesar took his time and he didn't cure all the problems in 30 minutes but it again pointed out that the problem was the owner not the dog.  Once he got the owner to understand that the dog wanted to be in a pack and if the owner didn't take over, the dog would become the pack leader. 

Today in the paper there was an article about the Kansas City Chiefs.  They are near the top in rushing but almost last in passing yards.  Somewhere, somehow they need to find a way to find a more balanced attack.  When all you do is rush, they get to load up the box against you and that was the end of the Chief's season this last year.  I hope that figure out ways to get better this year.  The Royals seem to be doing pretty well so far. 

Well, enough of this, work to do and I better get on it.


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