Roy Who?

When Roy Williams left Kansas to go back to South Carolina, we developed the saying, "Roy Who?" when anyone brought up his name.  I think that Villanova just out snickered them in the National Championship.  If you don't defend a three point shot at the end of the game, you need to hang your head and go home.  Oh well...

Springtime is here in Kansas I can tell because the urge to mow is upon me.  I have to go spend a couple of hours sharpening blades and changing oil but I too will be out there mowing in no time.  The house here at Rabbit Run is full of new plants just getting started and soon we will have a garden up and running.  I have stakes and wire to make the supports for all the tomato plants.  I haven't put them in the ground yet but that's no small step for a tall stepper.

Oh well, I guess I'd better go find things that I need to do more than sitting here at the Computer.


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