Well It's Over

For the BIG XII fans, the playoff's are over.  Not sure what happened but Oklahoma just bombed out of the tournament.  It is just as well that I have things to do tomorrow night so I wouldn't have watched anyway.  I will probably buy season tickets and go to all the KU home games anyway. 

Lots to do now that the weather is getting the days right.  I will start outside and then work my way inside.  Probably will have to take a nap mid afternoon. 

Barb had her right eye worked on to fix a cataract.  With the help of a contact lens and reading glasses she has fairly normal vision until she gets the other fixed the middle of this month.  Not sure what she will finish with but probably a fairly light prescription and either bifocals or reading glasses.  

Barb and I have agreed to not talk politics.  This next Presidential election will be so messed up that no one can even get up the energy to discuss things rationally.  How do you chose between a Liar, a looser, and a Wackadoodle.  If you don't know who to put under each heading, you might understand what my dilemma is.  It is such a bad thing that no one will stand up and say,  America is so screwed up that we should stop writing new laws until we can figure out how to eliminate the bad one's.  I would nominate Dave Ramsey as Secretary of the Treasury.  His idea of making a budget and sticking to it just might wake up Washington.  I am pretty sure that no one in Washington can even spell Truth and get it right 5 out of 10 times.  I hear that the Republicans are screwing up the future for our kids.  Last time I looked, we were well on the road to hell many years ago.

Have you listened to the argument that Clinton balanced the budget?  Well, he did manage to, with the help of Congress to have out outgo equal income.  The real problem is that they did not pay even one dime of the national debt off and that elephant in the room is out there eating more and more or the income.  In fact it is costing us so much that we are borrowing about 30% of every dollar we spend.  How long will that last?  Probably about as long as we have things in the USA to sell to China, or they run out of money.

Oh well, Better run and see what is waiting for me outside.


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