Getting Old

I guess I am reaching the age where the statistics will foretell that I am subject to the illness that old people have.  Last year out of the blue, I threw a bunch of pulmonary embolisms and spent almost a year on blood thinners.  Add to that I fell down and had a really bad bleed in the left hip and it still hurts every once in a while.  Throw in that several of my siblings have had cancer (Me Too) Heart problems and yesterday I found out that my brother has gall bladder problems and is in the Hospital in Tulsa.   Dang I hate it when that happens.

No, I am not ready to cash out my chips and give up this game I call life.  I have given up selected stupid things I did in the past but there aren't a lot of new things I need to do in the future.   I do wish that it was easier to crawl down from the lawn mower after mowing 3 or 4 acres.  I can't imagine what it would be like to have only a push mower.

I am firmly convinced that either the politicians in a lot of states have either lost sight of the bubble or just are hiding the real issues with made up stuff.  The newest thing is the sex of people using the bathroom.   I have never been sexually harassed or seen anyone in the bathroom that didn't belong there.  Well, there was this one time we were in the line for a bathroom in Austin when a small guy broke the line and had to go so bad he peed in the sink.   I guess he really had to go.  I have been tempted to do the same from time to time.  There was this one time that in shop class one of the guys went in the hand wash station but admittedly it was this very large granite looking thing that could have been confused with a urinal.  In both of those cases there was no confusion about the sex of the person, only laughter by the rest of us.

I have been writing some of the adventures of stupid people but I have admittedly have not included many of my stupid adventures.  Here is one short one.  On a convoy, somewhere north of Pleiku we were making tracks down a road.  There were about 10 or 15 guys walking on the side of the road and they were all wearing those big rice hats that come to a point at the top.  I asked the guy driving the jeep to get close enough to let me take one of the hats.  Yes, I knw it was stupid now but at the time it didn't seem topo bad.  As the driver got closer, he let the mirror hit one of the guys on the arm.  I am pretty sure that by slowing down, the impact didn't break anything but that ended that stupid game. 

More of the Adventures of LT MUD later.


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