What a Day

The Topeka Barbershop Chorus had their 70th show yesterday and I think the word "Wow" is the best word to describe what we did.  For years we have tried to do two shows on the same day and I think the age of our chorus showed the second show.  One show was right on point and we all sang our hearts out.  We had three guest quartets including the Central States Champions, Harmonium" and it was a blast.

Next year I am going to give up my role in moving the risers to younger members of the chorus.  I came home last night and was dead beat.  I slept about 10 hours straight and the Aleve this morning was much needed.

This causes me to ask the question - What are you doing for fun?  In the news they said that regular activity with a group does as much good as smoking does bad.  It improves your physical and mental health.  I don't think you all need to run out and sing with a group, but getting out and visiting with like minded people works wonders.  I sing and Barb is a Master Gardener. 

I am not sure what made it hit home the hardest but the thought of Think Globally but act Locally hit me in the face like a big old whipped cream pie.  I spoke with the Washburn Rural Girls Quartet and got to hear some great ideas on the future.  To me the saddest was that one of the girls feels there is little chance for her to go on to College.  Her family is poor and have two little kids.  She is sure she will have to sit out a semester from time to time to make money so she can go. 

Just once again, I will offer to you that the Military was my way of going to college.   Right in the middle of the Vietnam war, I was drafted and then went on to OCS so I could have enough time to finish my degree.  As it turned out, some smart guy expanded the GI Bill so I could have gone to college for the full years for two years of service.  I sure as heck used that time to get my degree and I would encourage any young person that feels a little maturity isn't a bad thing to join the Military (You pick a branch) and then use the GI Bill to get their degree. 

Oh well, things to do and places to go.


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