Why I write this stuff

Once upon a time I was talking with my niece, Beck and she said I should write a blog.  My niece Jennifer echoed this and I started writing the blog because it felt good.  It wasn't an assignment, it was a joy.   I realized that I was doing it for me and no one else.

At one time I had readers from all over the world coming in to see what would come out of my mouth (OK, Fingers) on a daily basis.  I reached over 900,000 hits and it was growing fast.  Now my daily readership is down under 100 and I am really wondering what it is that I am doing different?

Perhaps it is not because of the difference, but the sameness.  It is hard to entertain at a high level every day.  In fact, I don't do it every day and that may be part of the problem.  Or, is that people are getting more and more involved with their activities and just don't have time for my simple rambling.

What amazes me is that there are blog sites where people stop in and leave comments every day.  If I look at the statistics of this blog, I seldom get comments.  Some day I will figure that out but not today.

Today in the Parade magazine, there is a great article on the Electorate College.  It is a fine description on how the College works.  What is left out is the why there is such a convoluted way of electing a President.  It is almost as if someone tried to find a way to disenfranchise those of in the smaller States.  I did find it interesting that the electorate votes from each states is based on the same basis as the number of members of Congress.  Two Senators from each State plus one for every member of the House of Representatives (Approx. 700,000 in population)  Throw in a couple for the District of Columbia and viola, there is your answer to the number of members in the Electorate College.  The rub comes in how the States divide their members up.  In some states, it is winner take all.  In others it is by Congressional District.   In some states it is not even a vote but something they call a caucus, whatever that is.  In my perfect world, the election would be based on popular vote.  Yes, I know that would have gotten us one less bush.

Oh well, I have things to do and places to go.  Have a great day out there.


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