Rain, Rain Go - Glub Glub Glub

It was a dark and storm night again and it rained somewhere between three and five inches here at Rabbit Run.  Didn't see or hear hail but there was a rotating wall cloud just west of Topeka that looked bad to those of us that watch the clouds.  It never did spin out a tornado but it did circle the drain up in the sky. 

This morning the master gardener told me that we need to get some milk if I go out.  Right after that, I opened Facebook and there on the computer was a picture that summed up a lot of things to me.

The dairy right up the road sells some of the best milk you could ever buy.  It isn't cheap, but it is still cheaper than Budweiser. 

Do you realize that you can buy a gallon of gas cheaper than a gallon of bottled water?   If you buy a case of 24 bottles of water, it costs $2.99 if you buy one bottle at a time it is $1.59.  "Splain" that to me Lucy!

Oh well, enough of that deep subject, I had better get on the road.  Things to do and places to go


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