Got a Little Rain

I think the weatherman said it was a little over 1/10th of an inch but every drop helps.  Did manage to get a little mowing done yesterday but only after sharpening the blade on the mower.  The oil didn't need changed as I did change it after the break-in period last summer.   Still wish I had spent just a little more and picked up a Hustler not a Cub Cadet.   Oh well.

Have you finished your taxes yet?  I have it almost done but the paperwork is on a card table right here by my computer.  I was told that the due date this year is the 18th.  Probably will get it done this week to avoid the rush.  I have to pay so there is no big hurry on my part. 

For some reason there was no paper outside this morning.  Not sure why but it really is no big deal.  I watched the local news and other than the funnies I am pretty much caught up.   I saw a good part of the women's finals in Basketball and I'll bet there are a lot of teams that were in the men's championship that UConn could beat.  They were pretty darned good.  It has always been interesting that season tickets to the KU women's games cost about the same as one game of the men's games.  Not sure why.

We have friends in Morocco and I thought for sure they would come back home when their daughters got to high school age.  Their oldest is 15 and so far no news about their return.   Dang. 

One thing I need to do is to get a haircut today.  Barrie the barber will probably fit me in somewhere.  He and I sing in the Barbershop Chorus and I am glad for his friendship. 

Last Monday, our Director said that he wanted Matt to sing the solo at the beginning of Loch Lomond.  I have been telling him that for at least a month.  Matt is a new baritone that has as pure a voice as we have had since the leaving of Christopher.  I can fill in but my almost 70 year old voice is far from pure.  Perhaps as a Bass but not on the high notes of a baritone.

It looks more and more like our Director is leaving and the Topeka Chapter of the Barbershop society will need a new director.   Is anyone out there interested?  The money isn't great but I will promise you that we will do our best to have fun.

Better go get cleaned up for the day and give Barrie a call.


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