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I am not sure why, but the people that visit this blog seems to be falling off fast.  I was headed well towards a Million hits and now I struggle to hit a hundred a day.  I wonder if some great site in the world is filtering off the people they assign to visit or has the readership of blogs just fallen off that much?  I do know that if I hit "Next Blog" it seems to trap me into a theme and it never lets me get out of that loop.  If I mention baseball or basketball, it takes me to sites about sports.  It has done the same with cooking and photography.  Perhaps it is because my blog is all over the place and has not enough theme to it.  If you would take a few moments and leave a comment about what you would like to see here I would be very appreciative.  

Well, I do have the taxes done for 2015, but they aren't in the mail yet.  I will have to send Uncle Sam a few thousand and the State a couple of hundred.  The good news is that we have it to do it. 

I am struggling with the hobby of barbershop singing.  It seems to go on and on each week with no let up.  This fun hobby seems to be more and more time consuming.  I have been reading how to make it more fun but it, at least to me is more than the fun part, it is the time part.   I think we need to take a couple of weeks off after our spring contest.  Either that, or we need to go places and sing for the fun of it. 

What do you do for a hobby?   It seems like a lot of my hobbies are a lot like work.  You all know the saying that if you find a thing to do that you love and make it your vocation, you won't have to work a day in your life.  Perhaps it is kind of like that with a hobby.  I do know that working on my 57 Chevy kept me very busy for a year or so.  Time flew by.

Once Upon a Time -  Yes, this is a story, filtered through the deep recesses of my mind and only as accurate as my memory is.  Put on your seat belt and ride along.  After spending 6 weeks out with    
an infantry unit in Vietnam, I went to the battalion Headquarters and wet on the leg of the S-1 about needing an R&R in the worst way.  (Or should that be in the best way?)  Long story short, I managed to get on the list and off to Hawaii I went.  When we took off from Vietnam, the meal on the plane was some form of a Spanish Omelet.  Most of us had been eating C-Rations and it was very spicy and gave us heart burn.   We landed in Guam to refuel and the Pilot came on the intercom and told us that the only meal they had was again the Spanish Omelet and the only way we could get a different meal was to stay there for about 4 hours.  Knowing that the majority of us had wives waiting for our arrival in Hawaii what do you think we chose?  Bring on the omelets and  fly on.

Several of the guys had been in fairly normal assignments in Vietnam so they had their fancy uniforms ready to put on for their arrival.  I am fairly sure that it didn't matter what I wore there, just showing up was the important part.  One of the guys sitting in my row on the plane was one of those guys with an impressive ribbon rack and a well pressed uniform.  He got it down from the overhead and put that fancy dancy uniform on.  Just after we took off, the stewardess started to serve the meal.  Being fairly close to the back of the plane, we were to get our meals last.  I am not sure how long it took, but it was not fast(ly)  The stewardess would get a tray of the omelets  and go forward.  For some reason there was an air pocket and as the stewardess walked by, she dropped an entire tray of those spicy omelets right into the lap of that spiffed up soldier.  What a hoot.  there no way he could salvage that uniform and he was forced to put the old uniform out of the bag and wear it.

On the trip back to Vietnam, he admitted that his wife didn't even seem to notice what he had on other than to wonder out loud why his uniform smelled like tomato sauce and green peppers. 



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  1. I enjoy reading anything you write, especially your military memories. My husband is a retired Air Force MSgt who also spent 6 years in the Marines. Keep the stories coming!