BRRR! Who Left the Door Open

We have temperatures in the single digits and wind chills near zero. We had about 4" of snow last week and most of it melted off by Friday. For some reason today there is nothing between Kansas and the north pole but a rusty barb wire fence in Nebraska. I think the shock of warm and then darn cold is what makes it feel worse. It has snowed a little bit but is much too cold to have a lot of moisture to snow much.
Well, Sports Fans, KU managed to embarrass the Colorado team in Lawrence today. IF it wasn't bad enough, the Hawks scored almost 100 points and their third string played most of the end of the game.
Have a great Sunday

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  1. I am seriously starting to HATE this cold weather. Generally I love it, the snow, the wind, the ice..but generally its not this bad. I am starting to hate it and I wish it would go away!!
    I honestly dont think I won..LOL..but I am keeping my ticket because I want to put it in my senior memory book. =) And it never hurt to try.