Just in Time

Just when my support for the war began to flag, Up steps Hanoi Jane and convinced me that in my heart of hearts I'm right that Saddam was a killer and needed evicted from Iraq. In a country where you can have your hand cut off for stealing, hanging him was a minor punishment. I would have cut off anything that stuck out from his body and removed his tongue. Then a lifetime of prison would have followed.
I would have pursued the war differently but "so what". I'm not in charge. If I were in charge, Hanoi Jane wouldn't have been allowed to re-connect to her US citizenship because she gave aid and comfort to our enemy. She would be a French citizen still and only one of a long list of French people that we have had to go over and save twice.
I think the country needs to have another Vietnam so the liberals can say I told you so. You remember, don't you? They got Tricky Dick to call off the war and have a political settlement. Then when the N.Viets attacked in violation of that peace treaty we watched and did nothing. Then everyone said the Military lost that war. BS. The military won every major battle and could have kicked the crap out of the N. Viets if we had been allowed to attack where they were in N. Vietnam. Yes, boys and girls, I know of what I speak here, I fought in that war.
If I had been in charge of the Iraq war, I would have made the Army of Iraq stay in place and surrender. The last thing I would have done is to let them go home with their weapons. I would have put the military in charge and would have told the highest ranking General he was in charge of keeping peace. I would have sent him to Guantanamo if he failed and given the job to the next guy. I would have kept going until some smart Major or Captain got the message that he was responsible for the mess and needed to keep peace. I am almost afraid to admit that it took someone as brutal as Saddam to keep control of the country. Had he not invaded Quiat he might still be in charge and raping the country of its oil dollars.
Where did all this rant come from this morning? I am going to Ottawa, KS today to fold the flag on the battalion I commander 1985-1987. They are inactivating the battalion today and I am sad for that. Oh well, I am too old to serve with them anyway so I guess I'll just go and watch and have a tear in the corner of my eye when I see the colors folded for the last time. MUD

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  1. I never thought about Buster being taken away from his family like that. Kyle told me today that he didnt cry last night and he was in a little cage instead of his big cage at their house, so I think that they should put him in the little one so he will feel more safe. =)