Character is BS,We Want Wins

One of the announcers said close wins like the one KU had at Iowa State Builds Character. I don't want no stinking character, I want wins. KU managed to pull out a victory against a team (and lousy referees) that was not having its "A" Game day. Finally they got serious and won but there were a lot of moments that I was afraid they were going give the game up to Iowa State. End of discussion. They need to grow up and win like they did against Florida. They can beat anyone but also can lose to ORU.
We are having the perfect storm today. We have only a 1/4 inch of sleet on everything and it is ok if you drive carefully. Now if we can keep it that way. I hear that further south of here they have up to an inch of ice and north of us they have snow. Whew.
Did you ever have a discussion with someone and walk away with the idea that you invented (or designed) something that was a great idea. Barb had to drag me back to reality that half of the discussion was hers and the idea was "OURS". Crap, burst my bubble just when I was about to pop the buttons on my shirt. I guess every once in a while everyone needs drug back and slapped in the face with a big honking dose of reality. Mea Culpa.
Better go, the dryer is buzzing me and there is a pot of chicken and noodles on the stove that needs stirred. MUD

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