Man am I beat!

Don't ever let anyone tell you that teachers don't work darned hard for their money. I have spent most of the week as a Sub for teachers in the morning and for para-professionals in the afternoon. It is a heck of a lot of work to teach and even more work being in charge of the mob doing the normal things involved in their school day. Just the act of moving a class to the playground, lunch and to the bus is like herding cats.
I had one day this week where I was a sub for a class called "Galloping Gourmet". I swear we made funnel cakes and they were great. I know the class was a pretty special group and they worked hard. Monday morning I will be the sub for the Pre-School teacher who is listed for Jury Duty. (If she is called to appear)
My feet are tired, my body is tired and even my mind is tired. Now I can really appreciate those days Barb came home and just collapsed.

This is my dream vehicle for the great "Ride Across Kansas" bike event each year. You could have a group sit and visit while drinking cold beverages and pass the time in a physical and social setting. The only thing I don't see is the TV and the laptops with a wireless hook-up.. I'm sure you could fill all the seats with that and perhaps a Starbucks Coffee bar. If you look close you can see each patron has a set of pedals to help the team go.
I have a million things that need done and little energy to do them. Oh well, I'll be in the Laundry Chair starting about 12:45 when the KU game starts.

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