Chirp, Chirp, Chirp

Right now, it sounds like a testing zone at a squeaky toy factory upstairs. Those two birds finally are seeing some sun and are awake. It takes them a little bit to get cranked up and when they do, it is chirp city. I still don't get why birds as a pet but, I'm coming around to having them.
Did I mention that they are messy little buggers? The floor crunches from all the seeds and hulls they discard.
Do you make a difference in this world?
I often wonder what the world would be like if I was not a part of it. I know the parable about if you think you are perfect, stick your finger in the ocean and if when you take your finger out the hole stays there, you were perfect. I am pretty sure that there is no "hole-y" water on my account. I have tried to live by the motto that doing my best is good enough. I, like all humans, have my shortcomings and I know that I exasperate some people. On the other hand, one of our closest friends had to ask about my religion. I try to live a life that is religious in character without the actual belief in God. I think the Bible is a good guide and the 10 commandments just simple truths in one place.
Now that planning, training and mobilizing for killing people is not an active part of my life I think I have probably over compensated.
I went over to visit my mom yesterday afternoon. She wears me out. "Denny, there are six bottles of green tea unopened in the fridge. " Her cleaning lady had been there for over an hour and could have easily done that for her. I think she saves work for me so I won't feel left out. I need to do some shopping for her this afternoon. Trip to Dillon's and a bag full of "over the counter" crap.
Ok Walmart haters, have you noticed that their prices are getting closer to everyone else? Now what are you going to do? If you hate them for low prices, will you love them for higher prices.
Just wait California, when your mandatory medical insurance hits, your costs will skyrocket. Who does Arnold think is going to pay the cost. The business owners. "Not bloody likely McGee. "
Kansas has hit a short cycle of higher revenues for the taxes collected. The legislature is working on building some kind of a trust fund out of those dollars to help future plans. How about giving some of that back to the people that paid it. Kansas has this simple plan that unless it is truly Capital building (roads, buildings or other things) outgo cannot exceed income. What a novel idea. Did you write that down? Outgo must be equal to or less than income. Works for me as that is what Barbara has enforced on us from the start. Add to that our desire to save as much as was possible in retirement accounts and you might understand why I feel like I have everything I need, most of what I want and a Walmart nearby.
Write if you get work. MUD

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  1. I like the way you think, sans the God part.. (we'll have to work on ya!)_Hey, thanks for serving! I'm an old army brat, my hubby fought in Desert Shield and Storm, and my son is in Armor out of Riley ~ now on his second tour. Bless you for your service.