The Missing Hissing Cockroach

Last week one of Barb's students listened to a conversation I had with Barb and wanted to know if I called them Pissing Cockroaches. No Brad, they are Hissing Cockroaches. As an assignment, he now has the responsibility of maintaining the cage. Unfortunately, they went missing so they are "Missing, Pissing & Hissing cockroaches". I'm sorry, but hanging out with kids has warped my sense of humor. (but I wash my hands a lot more often)
I worked as a Teacher Sub in the Resource Room, on Friday and didn't find it too much different from what I had been doing. I'm sure that if I had the responsibility to plan what was to be done for each student things would be different. There are some great Para-professionals in those rooms and they are a joy to work with. One of the teachers is a little more intense than I would like, but Barb has her good qualities also. (Joke, Joke, Joke) It is really one of the other teachers that comes on a little strong for me. Oh well, I am not there forever or full time.
I have been pretty slack about riding in the freezing weather. I need to find a way to ride and not freeze my butt off. I find that if I wear enough clothes to stay warm, the exercise causes me to sweat so much that I don't dare stop because wet and cold is a deadly combination. I guess I'll just have to work on that. My recumbent exercise bike didn't work out so I guess I could resurface that project and ride inside.
Yesterday was Basketball Central around here and today will probably be football. I did get the laundry done (with a little help from Barb late when my attitude about clean clothes flagged out)
I have been watching the weather in other family locations. It was a little warmer in Tulsa than here but they have a coating of ice. It was almost as cold in Barstow, CA and it will be 48 in the afternoon. The "cold hole" was Elko, NV where they had minus temps. It was colder in Idaho and not quite as warm. I think I'm going to add Brownsville, TX to my weather map and dream about being there in Jan, Feb & Mar. Barb has a friend that rents their house to a State Legislator when they come to town and they go south. Perhaps later when Barb makes up her mind what she is going to do about next year.
Hoops and Field Goals to you all. Stay warm and keep the snow out of your powder.

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  1. Only hoops for me!!!!
    Oh...check your shoes for the missing, hissing, pissers.