Good News

Over the years I have fought my Cholesterol level and Triglicerides level being way too high. At one time untreated the total went to 450. I have been trying to lower the count and have been on a Statin drug for a couple of years. Just when I finally got it down to 250, they lowered the standard to 200. I was changed to Vytorin from Lippitor and the great news was the latest test was at 141.
Given free will and good results I would eat steak daily and have a bowl of ice cream each evening. I guess I'll just have to stay on the drugs and eat more chicken. Oh well, I take the good news.
Da Barbs have started with Weight Watchers for the new years. They both want to lose a few lbs and get in better shape. Don't let anyone tell you that teachers just sit and don't get enough exercise. Barb walks at least 10,000 steps each day. If she ties a rope to my butt and hers she would be dragging me by noon. (Oooh bondage, talk dirty to me momma make me write bad checks)
At least Baltimore put KC out of my misery today. The best team won and the poorer team went home for another year.
Write if you get work. MUD

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  1. thought i'd take a little hike over here and see what's up!

    have you checked into natural alternatives to help with the cholesteral. Some people swear by Red Yeast Rice supplements. Think that's what they're called.
    All I know is that I got very sick with Rheumatoid Arthritis a few years ago and started on an herbal/supplement regimen and though it took longer than western meds I am doing very well. My Rheumatologist is absolutely amazed.
    I swear by holistic medicine. Google for info.
    Might try it if you have problems again.