Things I Care About

There are times I just want to hit someone. When I hear people say Walmart is all bad and talk about the times they shop there. If you do not like Walmart, don't go there. I love having everything I need, most of what I want and a Walmart store nearby.
I see people buying dogfood for $25.00 a bag. Don't they know how to read the bags? For about $12.00 you can buy a bag of Old Roy that is as good or better than all those fancy dancy dog foods. You can buy Old Roy canned dog food for about .38 cents a can. I have two Black Labs that eat nothing but Old Roy and they are in fine shape. Spend $25.00 a bag if you want but don't complain to me that Walmart has nothing but crap.
Why is it that some people can't just get into their car and drive. What is it with those damn cell phones that is so addictive. Hell, I have an answering machine so I sometimes don't have to talk on the phone. I don't have a pager or a cell phone because there are times I don't want to be found. Take the most inexperienced drivers (teenage Girls) and combine that with a cell phone and we are talking some dangerous stuff here. Add makeup or coffee and the results are tragic. Kind of like the time a driver was weaving in and out of our National Guard Covoy in the middle of Nebraska and bent down to get a beer out of the cooler on the passenger side. Did he think the truck was going to move over and get out of the way because he wasn't looking? When he saw how close he was to the back of our truck he swerved left, across the interstate into the path of a semi truck headed west. Not a pretty sight. My medics kept him alive until the paramedics got there. A combination of their IV, morphine and moving him just ended him there on the side of the road.
I saw a sign once that said if you are against gay marriage, don't get one. If you are against Walmart, don't shop there. There are enough of us to keep then as busy as they can be because they have the best prices in Town.
Sorry about the rant.
When I started to Substitute I wanted to give the kids a hug and take them all home. After a short 30 days, I'm damn glad to go home alone and feel like I need to wash my hands from being around those germy little dudes. Oh well, Education is still the best way to help our society progress. Don't complain about the cost of Education when a Basketball player can make 10 million a year.


  1. I agree, you said it all. I also feed my little FeeFee old roy and one look at her will tell you she is not under fed. My white lab Sandy loves Ole Roy too.
    I had one lady at the Souther Agri store tell me that feeding a cheaper dog food is like feeding your dog candy. I in turn to her that my dogs like candy.
    Have a good one mud.

  2. Mud, sometimes you have to place words in a sentence that I tend to leave out. Sorry about that. Thats what happens when your mind runs faster then your fingers can type.
    the last sentence should have read.
    I in turn said to her, "My dogs like candy."
    LOL ann

  3. You are very funny.