Don't want to get started

I have a lot of ideas but little desire to get started working off my "To Do" list. There are a couple of things I have to do but most are "Round Tuit" kinds of things. Ya know, when I get around To it.
The birds aren't making friends yet. They seem to eat the seeds and stuff I feed them and appreciate the fresh water each day (I think). They don't seem to want to do much but fly to the back of the cage when I come in the room. 1st thing in the AM they chirp like crazy.
I think I mentioned that I went to the inactivation ceremony of my old battalion last weekend. I am still kind of sad about that. It was nice to get to see all my old friends but I will miss the idea of being able to stop in Ottawa and visit my old unit. They replaced it with a Truck Company. I guess the Army needs a truck company and Kansas can always use the trucks in Natural Disasters. The Artillery was just so much fun it should have charged us to belong.
I worked all day yesterday in the pre-school program at south. It was a hoot. The little boys and girls work hard and seem to have a lot of fun. There was one little boy that didn't seem much aware of what was happening. He needed a lot of attention and one of the Para's gave him about a five minute hug when he needed one. I love to read books with the kids and watch them play. The girls were in the little play kitchen area and I asked for breakfast. Man could they whip up a great play meal. They have plastic food and I was given all sorts of great things including something that looked a lot like a McDonald's breakfast biscuit.
I guess I had better go get a few things done while I have the energy. Did any of you happen to see KU dismantle Nebraska on ESPN's Big Monday coverage? It was so bad that some of the third stringers go playing time in the first half. Normally they don't appear until the last couple of minutes in the 2nd half. Buckle up and watch them Hawks run up and down the floor. The season will be over all too soon.


  1. yer making me want to go out and buy some birds... only hubby would not see the benefit... ever since the cat died... i've been contemplating if and what kind of pets to buy. for now the betta fish will do. ... then there's the plants... hmmmm squirrels are cute...they don't pee in the corner either... ..did i ever tell you my son is part of armor..riley.. keep him in your prayers, they are in Iraq now.

  2. sorry... my own blog is for this mindless ranting...i'm going to bed..